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Christall Kay - Angel Of My Heart

Christall Kay - Wonder

My partner inspired me to write this song through his instant devotion and love for me. I am calling on him, the angel of my heart, to shine his love on me.
This song came to me concerning a man in my life that I loved greatly, however I could never work him out. He always made me wonder! Despite my curious nature and pondering many mysteries of the world out there, he is by far to me the greatest mystery!

Christall Kay - This Love Is For Real

Christall Kay - Set Apart

This is a magical love song. I refer to the sky, sea and moon to show the depths of my love. Born on a thousand dreams and a million kisses, this love is for real!
This song was inspired by a heart-wrenching breakup that I experienced some years back. With the separation, however, came a new sense of freedom!

Christall Kay - Run Through The Fire

Christall Kay - Look Up

This song tells you that your life is meant to be lived as fully as possible. Rather live on the edge and take a chance as that will get you further despite the consequences and then life will help you to move forward to a new vision.
In this song, the clouds and the moon beckon to look up to the heavens and into space because that is where true love and destiny lie.
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