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Christall was born to sing. From the tender age of 7 years she was rehearsing her performances to the inspiration of Olivia-Newton John, Dolly Parton and The Village People. As a solo artist and songwriter, her music still reflects some of these early influences, particularly, with regard to Christall's electro dance pop sound which combines with subtle country overtones. Christall was born and raised in Durban, South Africa and now finds her home in Kyalami, Johannesburg, South Africa.


Christall loves the studio and has worked on a number of recording projects which have culminated in her current EP Into the Sunshine soon for release through digital sales and on CD. Christall's combination of disco, pop, dance and country merge to create an electrifying sound that beautifully showcases Christall's uplifting voice. Christall's songs will with no doubt take you into the sunshine, providing inspiration, motivation and a beautiful way of looking at life.

In Durban, and while studying, Christall could be found performing at venues like the well-known beachfront nightclub, Sandpebbles. During this stint, she was fortunate enough to meet the famous English Pop band Right Said Fred, who offered Christall some direction and inspiration. After her studies, Christall followed her music calling to New York City where she lived for 6 months, and teamed up with other local New York bands. Christall has always been involved in music projects some of which include collaborating with Afro-pop band Seed and showcasing her talent with them to Warner Bros Record Company. Christall has also made a number of corporate appearances, including events like the annual Nedbank Green Day.

Christall has often been involved with her local church. From a young age she sang in the church choir and since then went on to lead the praise and worship in a large corporate Sandton Church known as Rosebank Union.


Christall has trained under a number of established and gifted musicians. At school she excelled in Music Studies, learning to play the piano and always participating in the choir. Her music teacher once commented that she could hear Christall sing above the entire school of 600 girls so powerful is Christall's voice. At the University of Natal, she studied under voice coach, Patrick Lilly, who is now based in California. She is thankful to her numerous choir masters for teaching her the skills, stamina and devotion required to nurture a soloist's voice. In Johannesburg in the last few years she has worked with top voice coach Kyl'e who has aided in bringing out further textures and nuances in Christall's velvet voice. As a songwriter, Christall has not only developed her talent through writing and rewriting, but also by attending a number of songwriting courses and workshops some of which were hosted by local music artist Xavier Saer. Christall's clearly crafted melodies with a clever lyrical structure are certainly what hit songs are made of, and this fine-tuning of her craft no doubt makes all the difference in the songs that Christall writes. Christall's formal education consists of attaining a Bachelor of Social Science Degree as well as a Bachelor of Laws Degree, both from the University of Natal. She has also obtained a certification from the University of the Witwatersrand in the discipline of Music and Marketing, and is also a trained image consultant.

Interest and Background

Christall has lived a colourful life thus far, and this inspiration is reflected in her music, such as the lyrics of the first two lines of the track Run Through the Fire:
  • You have a life that was meant to be lived
  • As high as the stars even if it comes crashing in
When Christall left school she was thrown into the exciting world of High Fashion modeling where she shared the stage and a bedroom (they were room-mates) with Oscar award winning actress Charlize Theron in a popular T.V. based modeling competition. Christall's social circles have taken her to be seated next to President Bill Clinton at the annual Nelson Mandela Dinner held at Grand Central Station in New York City. She has enjoyed a meeting with Princess Charlene of Monaco at the Saxon Hotel In Sandton; has flown to London with the Black-Eyed Peas and some years ago ended up sitting next to the lead singer of Earth, Wind and Fire in a local Durban hospital who provided guidance about the music business to Christall. Christall's passion for life and her music, combined with her sensational talent provide for an enchanted musical experience that draws the listener into a free and inspired place.
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